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As I said before, when I hear "We don't need to follow"...Yes of course we don't, but we are in 2011 now and there are lot of things we can't do with our Amiga...
And I think that people in this forum want the maximum speed for the Amiga.
I will never hear someone saying : "Well... I'm happy with 25Mhz"...
I think that if you produce faster boards in the futur, people will be even more happy.

Remember ? some guys (in this threads) had some nice ideas like "playing mp3, installing linux"...or maybe someone will port a better web browser ?

We need something even more powerfull than a 060.
Maybe an ARM ? I don't know...

Today you are doing a good job with the indy ECS but it's never enough...As you said for aDoom, the faster is the CPU the more you'll get FPS".

We want the MORE ! :-)

BTW I don't think there is a danger (except loosing the warranty) for the board, if it is unstable, you need to put back the original quartz.

@Tokyoracer : don't invent a story, Cosmos is a polite guy. He has purchased a board, he can do what he wants with it, he's not the kind of guy that will come back crying for taking the board under warranty if something wrong happen. You know what he is going to do in this case ? no ? He is going to unsolder everything and put everything new on the board. ahahah
Have a look at his blog ( look at all the mods in 2010. I don't know anybody here that has done much more mods than him.
No he is not out of respect. definitely.

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