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Originally Posted by Cosmos View Post
All guys said exactly the same words when the 68060 was released in 1995-1996... Don't push more than 50...

I have a Blizzard 1260@80 who works fine since many years now ! Ok, it's a rev6... But written 50 on it...
And without any problems...
Your totally missing the point, Jens is trying to emplain to you that it's not the 030 CPU thats the issue, it's keeping everything runing on the same wavelength (the RAM and CPU timings). Simple fact of the matter, if you could run this at 40+ Mhz as easly as you have done, Jens would have probably have done that at the first place. The fact you have ignored his personal advice on the hardware and forum is your risk but there's a reason why it has been capped at the speed it is, I don't doubt his skills for a second and i'm shocked you have and have the audacity to do such a thing.
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