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Originally Posted by gibs View Post

Cosmos said the Amiga is stable at 40Mhz.
And we say: the components on the card are not specified for this kind of speed. Neither the CPU nor the Rams nor the CPLD. If it runs stable, then it's pure luck. The ACA630-30Mhz for example has faster Winbond SDRAM's which support the 8ns increase in speed from RAS to CAS compared to the ACA630-25Mhz, which has slower Micron SDRAM's. 80 Mhz here are WAY out of line.

IC should have made some faster boards
Faster boards, or boards with components being driven way out of spec? If we would have made a 50Mhz ACA630, Cosmo would now have it clocked at 80Mhz. It's one thing to decide for yourself to throw warranty away and pushing your luck by completely overdriving your hardware way out of spec. But you can't expect us to sell something like this, because we can't and won't guarantee proper operation.

As I said, there are 68030 CPUs which can take abuse, there are others, which won't make it past the 5 minute mark without crash. Memory corruption is another very subtle thing, which is a very hard issue to detect. We had seemingly perfectly running Workbench setups with a completely faulty memory controller during development of the card. That's the reason why debugging did take so long, because we wanted to be 100% sure to have a stable, rock solid hardware.

This here is nothing clever or cool. Everybody can replace oscillators and build hardware which might work, let's say, 50-80% and not 100% of the time correct.

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