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Hey Vairn, i have a jailbroken 4.1 iphone4 and if you need a beta tester id love to try out your work in progress and give you feedback. The C64 emu doesnt work on 4.1 only the spectrum emu is now on the app store. The whole point of an emulator for me is to be able to load my own roms onto the device, rather than play a handful of selected roms. Id love to be able to play mouse games on the iphone, such as worms directors cut, ufo enemy unknown and even dpaint 3! Apple are really fussy when it comes to emulators as like dosbox, anything than accesses the iphone is a way apple dont authorise they wont allow on thier app store so i guess cydia is the way forward. Im a member of a big iphone forum and once this app comes out (fingers crossed) il be sure to tell everyone i can about it, wether they are amiga fans or not, it would be something pretty special and it could become the future of amiga emulation. Im surprised toni willen and other amiga coders havnt already ported WINUAE etc to the iphone.

As for controls, yeah having a touch screen makes it harder but like PSX emu, you can have 50/50 screen and controls or big buttons overlayed on the screen. The best thing about amiga games is you just need up down left right and 1 button for fire :-)
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