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Originally Posted by PulsatingQuasar View Post
Is there a way to get the Indivision working for the Amiga 600 with an ACA630 without having to remove the diskdrive? Did anyone manage that? I'm interested in an Indivision but removing the diskdrive is not an option. Maybe a flat cable solution is an option ?
I have managed to do this and I am happily using my A600 + A603 & Indivision ECS with the attached internal floppy. I am not using any flat cables or so, just done some modifications to floppy (part of the metal must be cut) and made a angled riser of Indy ECS to achieve this.
Now waiting to recieve ACA625, than I will make some fotos of everything inside. I think the hack is worth the effort, its not any complex at all.
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