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(...) that Apple's products will instead be safe, pleasant and easy to use alternatives. And yes expensive alternatives, but my experience is that you're getting really good stuff that just works.
True, I agree with that. And by the way I'm not blaming anybody for having a Mac and liking it...but what is the price to pay to have something good that works?

- Overpriced product
- No DYI fix
- Poor updatability (if that word even exists)
- No homebrew, only apps that receives God's Seal of Approval
- $600 for 4GB of DDR3 RAM (I know, I went to the apple store the other day to ask for a friend while I'm in NY..600 dollars lol. Remembers me the good old days of Compaq ECC RAM.)

We're back to the computing of the early 90's, and they lead the market. That's the price we pay for "having good stuff that works".

I know, I'm a bit bitter about this, but I mean..this is just wrong, we're making the same mistakes and didn't learn from the past, and while I'm very tolerant with the new consumers market and can understand why they go for Apple, I would expect old-schoolers to have a different opinion.

But that's not against you buddy, don't take it as a personal attack.
Let me fight against already lost causes, I'll be better in a few minutes :P
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