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don't try everything at the same time. Try the extensions one by one first. If you have, please check the well-being of your A600 on a 15kHz monitor, because the 23-pin RGB output remains active.

That picture shows your CF card adapter dangeling around in the system, dangerously close to non-isolated metal (the screws of the heatsink). Mount it properly, make sure there is sufficient space between any pin and open metal.

Keep in mind that this is a heatsink, so don't just put paper between the CF card adapter and the metal. Open space is what you need, so please mount it with a screw and a spacer.

The large picture on your site shows that the right edge of the Indivision is not exactly parallel with the right edge of the A603. This means that the second row (the one further away from the viewpoint) of the 48-pin socket is not pushed all the way in. This may be your contact problem.

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