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I'd do it myself, but I lack the time (and frankly the motivation; web development isn't really my thing). However, since the site is hosted on my server, I'd like to add this for potentially interested developers: Within reason, I can set up any runtime environment (PHP is already present, Python, Ruby, etc. are options) and database (MySQL and PostgreSQL would be the most obvious) you want/need. Currently there's only simple FTP access, but shell access (again within reason and to trustworthy individuals) can also be arranged.

Originally Posted by Josh View Post
Hi Everybody,

Now that my Amiga Manuals website has accumulated plenty of manuals I think it would be a good time to add a search function to the site. Unfortunately I don't understand how to implement one using databases and PHP etc etc.

My question is, is there someone here that would be kind enough to do this for me?
Obviously it's of a great benefit to all EAB members and visitors to the site if someone could implement a search function, that way there would be less of a need to browse through the whole collection.

Thank you in advance.

Cheers Josh
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