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Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
@ cosmiq
I also know about the black screen (no signal) output of Indivision ECS. To my surprise it doesn't show anything on my friends HP LP2065 20" LCD (even though his A3000 flickerfixer output works there), but fortunatelly works nicely for me on EIZO L768 or Viewsonic VP171s. Maybe its your case.
Thanks for telling me. I'll test it today again with some different monitors. Already tried a 22" tft and a 17" crt, but both gave black screen (as if it's getting no signal at all, not even resolution click or alike).
Too bad this doesn't work; the main reason I bought it was to connect it to the second input on my main TFT.
Also strange that the ECS tool does work... I don't get it!
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