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Originally Posted by Oliver_A View Post
New Bugfix Update !

I have written a new beta version of ACATune tool, which should make most ACA1230-56Mhz useres very happy, because it fixes the following issues:

- Ram (especially RAD disks) is now reset-proof (currently Kick 3.1 or greater only)
- IDE drives recognized after MAPROM

In order to activate this feature, the Kickstart ROM needs to be patched after MAPROM. This is done by using the new "p" option. For example:

acatune -maprom * p (internal ROM)
acatune -maprom <kickfile> p (external ROM file)

After installing the patch, the Amiga takes a little longer to boot. In exchange, all of the issues should be fixed.

Currently, this works only on 512K roms. Support for 1MB roms is in the works.

Have fun!
FOL and / or Why dont put the ACAtune just to the product page for download?
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