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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Its been reported in another thread that the facility to Jumper off DH1 as DF0 only works in 030 mode so if you disable the 030 then this reverts back to DF1.

Jens, is this the correct operation? I was really hoping this would allow me to play my Floppy based games from an external drive in 68000 mode

If this is the case I think its a deal breaker for me
Yes, that's correct. If you have disabled the 030, then the "bootselector" logic is also disabled. That's because the 68000 is directly on the mainboard and therefore talks to the CIAs directly. If the 68030 is running, then it talks to the CIAs through my logic, which shuffles bits around in the appropriate places in order to swap DF0: and DF1:.

As I cannot interrupt the data path between the 68000 and the CIA chips, I'm powerless here. Maybe Chuck Norris could, but I can't ;-)

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