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I have a raw source of TLSFMem, maybe I'm able to fix...

First, WHDLoad don't run with TLSFMemPool, but ok with TLSFMem here : please Wepl and Shoonay, confirm on your Amiga setup (WinUAE is used for me)

So, the problem is somewhere in TLSF_CreatePool, TLSF_DeletePool, TLSF_AllocPooled, or TLSF_FreePooled

>It seems that TLSF returns 2,018,011,950 for AvailMem(MEMF_LARGEST).
>Which causes that nothing is preloaded because WHDLoad uses this to
>calculate the puddle size for the memory pools used for the PreLoad memory

I tried a jsr -$D8(a6) with d1=MEMF_LARGEST and I get the right available memory, with TLSFMemPool and TLSFMem

Wepl : tell me more about your 2,018,011,950-test !
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