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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
That is fantastic news! Feels like Xmas again. I've learnt a lot (well... a lot for me) about my A1200 thanks to this thread and FOL. I've got one of these 2b motherboards unfortunately so will check for these capacitors ASAP.
Note that you cannot tell from the board revision if the caps are installed or not. You really have to remove the board and check the bottom side where these caps are located.

This fix is quite a few years old. To my knowledge, it was first documented by Eyetech and reported back to ACT, where I did service on those oh-so-flaky Apollo accelerators. I was expecting that by now, every A1200 motherboard has the fix applied. I only have one board where the caps are installed, and it's one where the ACA1230 works perfectly. That's a good indicator that there really is a chipset combination where the components E123C and E125C are required.

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