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Thanks, I'll definately give the patch a try

Well, I've hit a problem again - I'm now re-convinced that scsi 44.2 is bugged, at least on the A600.

I can't use any partitions beyond the 4GB barrier.

So, example. I have my working current setup, which is:
16GB CompactFlash card. scsi.device 44.2.
3.5GB Boot partition with Workbench - PFS3 18.5
Rest of space (roughly 11GB) - PFS3DS 18.5 (as scsi.device isn't TD64 according to Thomas' table mentioned in another thread, so we use DirectSCSI here)

I use a Mask of default; 0x7ffffffe; and MaxTransfer of 0x1fe00 on both partitions.

The configuration gets saved fine, and the machine is rebooted.
I use: PFSFormat drive DH1: name Store quick

Light goes on solid, machine is frozen. It's hung. Normally PFSFormat in quickmode happens in about 10 seconds and the drive LED flickers away as it prepares the filesystem. Nothing happens here at all.

SFS 1.279 didn't work either - same problem.

So, back to scsi.device 43.45. Oh look! I can format my 11GB part *flawlessy* again. But I lose my speed boost and go back to 2.1MB/sec.

However, I've just added the SpeedyIDE patch to my ROM from BlizKick, and I've got 3.2MB/sec again. I can live with that!

I've had enough with hard disk partitioning crap now, I'm keeping the IDE driver this way until a coder can perhaps test this out on their A600, reproduce what I've been experiencing, and hopefully bugfix it.

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