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Well, I've no idea how, but I've fixed it

Perhaps half the issue was involving WinUAE during some of the drive prep stages. This time I just got all filesystem/formatting tools, HDToolbox, and scsi 44.2 and loadmodule onto a floppy.

After prepping and formatting the drive all on the 600, I checked whether it DH0: was mounted and listable both before and after loading the 44.2 scsi module. This time it did.

So I used WinUAE to copy my ClassicWB setup across, and prepared a custom KS3.1 rom with scsi 44.2, exec v44 by Piru and various other patches from OS3.9.

Now ACATune can load it, and I don't need the LoadModule line.

It was worth it. I now get 3.2MB/sec transfer rate on the A600's CF card. Before the ACA630, it was about 0.6MB. After the ACA but before patches, it was 2.1MB/sec.

Now I'm about to clone the hell out of my CF card so I don't have to endure all this again!

Thanks very much to the various people who have PMed me with some helpful files!
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