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Originally Posted by PulsatingQuasar View Post
That might be. But if he lets the machine boot to Workbench from the diskdrive in DF0: and the machine crashes then either the ACA1230 is faulty or the Amiga 1200.

If the ACA1230 then works in another machine his Amiga 1200 is faulty. In that case there is a good chance it is the capacitors. Then again, if he still has the top metal shielding on his A1200 it might be causing problems. Shorting or pressure.

Maybe it is good idea to replace them anyway. If he has capacitors with a green writing then they are 100% broken and have leaked. And what I saw from my CD32 systems the capacitors with a black writing are borderline.

My experience comes from replacing capacitors on 2 CD32, 4 Amiga 600, 9 Amiga 1200, 15 Amiga 4000 motherboards and about 10 A3630/A3640 processor boards. And when I replace capacitors I also replace the big through hole ones. In all of those cases the green ones always leaked or corroded and are a goner.
This is what I didnt want, this thread has gone way off topic and turned into another "its a cap problem thread".
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