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I feel like I'm not on my home street on this, but I think it's always a good idea to partition disks on the ((lowest OS version)) system that's going to use them. I had to set up my CF cards on my A500 with kick 2.0/WB 2.1 to gift it with the proper FFS version to work on my 3 CF-adapted Amigas.

Normally, a boot-floppy works to boot "anything", but I have limited experience with PFS.

Asking someone to make (or burn yourself) a ROM with patches would solve it, so...

Me, I don't need those strange patches, but I never go beyond kick/wb 3.1. I think it's fast enough as it is, but then I rarely do much work in WB, someone who sits and waits for icons to load may feel differently. There should be a "real" snapshot patch for that instead and it would be fast from kick/wb 1.2 and up

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