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Originally Posted by PulsatingQuasar View Post
The only way I know of to get the motherboard revision is opening the Amiga and read the information from between the kickstart ROM's and the turbo board connector.

If you have never used a soldering iron or are not very good with it, it might be better to let AmigaKit take a look. They have a replacement capacitor service.

From my own personal experience I can only say that the SMD capacitors have reached their end. Certainly after what I saw this past weekend from my CD32 systems.
I think your jumping the gun. His machine works fine without the card installed. So I would say that rules out caps in that sense.

Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
"-maprom [path to this 3.1 ROM file]"
Yes, without the " " and [] and added to the ACATune command.
So ACATune -maprom DEVS:file.rom.

Also, dont erase the card. I didnt mean that, I was just wondering what would happen if you were running KS3.1.
Think its best to stick to ticket system or this is just going to get confusing.
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