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FOL - The install I did using AmigaKit's pre-loaded setup utility was WB3.1 but if you mean I should try wiping the CF card and do a fresh install just from the WB disks themselves I can't help but wonder if it'd make any difference because the A1200 will still lock-up booting a game directly from floppy.
The ROM is 3.0 but I'm not sure how to map to 3.1 - I think I have a 3.1 ROM (does rev 40.68 sound right?) for use in WinUAE so, from what you wrote above, do I just copy that file to a location on the CF card and then use:
"-maprom [path to this 3.1 ROM file]"
It really is great the level of support AmigaKit gives especially as you seem to be volunteering your own time to help out. Thanks.

PulsatingQuasar - Thanks for you input but I have no idea in relation to any of your questions. I'm afraid I am a very basic Amiga user. IE I plug it in and play it without much knowledge of how and why it works. Is there a simple way for me to check the motherboard version? It's pretty much been mine from nearly new so I doubt anything was ever changed internally apart from the floppy drive when the old one failed.
How straight forward would it be for me to change the capacitors and apply the "timing fixes" should that be required?
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