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Playing CDXL on CD32 from CLI!?

Iīve got a little problem. Iīm working on a little CD32-compilation and want to play a CDXL movie. But not by clicking an icon.

To keep the problem simple letīs say it should work like this:

-turn the CD32 on
-play the CDXL movie


rmtm (or freeanim...whatever)
cdgsxl movie.xl xlspeed 200 multipal dosxl

This doesnīt work: Nothing happens. No error, just nothing. I havenīt found any docs about cdgsxl. What does it really need? Does it work without the Workbench at all?

Iīm not very good in AmigaDos. I have no clue what is missing. Iīve already copied all the libs of the CDXL-Toolkit to cd0:libs ... did not help. Played around withe the stack...???

Has anybody got any idea?

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