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DPaint 5.2 / Silk Cut Demo - error 8000000B

Afternoon all,

I've spent the last few hours tinkering around with Deluxe Paint 5, and it's brought back two memories for me - just how much playing around with it is, and also how poor my art skills are.

Anyway, I've encountered a little error, and I just wondered if someone may be able to work out what's up.

So, I select Save Picture, and then...

At the top of the file requestor that appears it reads "F1 for options". If I press F1 another window opens which enables me to key in Name, Author and Copyright details.

If I close this window I get:

Program failed (error 8000000B)
Wait for disk activity to finish
Suspend Reboot

The "F1 for options" feature is also available on the load file requestor, but that doesn't throw any errors.

My specs are:

68030 @ 50mhz
32 megs fast ram

Setpatch is 44.17 (if that's relevant)

Max Transfer on all partitions is 0x0001FE00.

I don't really need the extra options the save requestor is giving me, but am just a little worried as to why it's appearing.

I had the same error crop on when trying to run Black Lotus' "SilkCut Demo". I thought that may be due to not having an FPU or greater than a 68030, but there doesn't seem to be any mention of those requirements in the docs.

Any ideas?!
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