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Currently, I've got a 4GB SFS 1.84 partition. Later versions of SFS don't work on KS 2.05 - my real ROM - so the drive wouldn't available to softkick from - I learned this one the hard way.

My previous attempt was with PFS3 - and the result was the same.

One thing I did notice is that once 44.2 was loaded, SysInfo (loaded from floppy) showed a load of random characters where you'd normally see the description of the filesystem. So it was as if 44.2 was causing the filesystem to be mis-read off the RDB or something.

Perhaps I'll get some screenshots tomorrow to clarify what I mean

There are plenty ways I can carry on, I mean, I don't really *need* 44.2 as there are other means to get the 16GB card fully accessible on the machine (the end goal), I'm just curious more than anything And if it means there's possibly a bug in the patched driver, perhaps someone can help create a fix for it.
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