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Thanks FOL,

Now that you mention it, I see scsi 44.2 is available readily-patched for all Amiga models inside the BB3 archive - I didn't realise this

I did a diff with WinHex of the BB3 archive's A600 version against the scsi.device that I created with spatch from the original .pch file on Doobrey's site, and they're identical - so that's one potential issue eliminated.

One thing I should clarify here: I'm not actually using OS3.9 on my A600, I'm just borrowing components from the various post-OS3.9 updates that are around.

I'm working with a raw Kickstart 3.1 + the scsi.device update; nothing else - so there's no AmigaOS ROM Update file like on a 3.9 + BBx installation. I completely understand how this works, as on my A4000, I run OS3.9, and have all of the BB4 ROM patches cooked-in ROM courtesy of Algor Pro, and SetPatch is told to not apply anything at all from the disk-based AmigaOS ROM Update file. This arrangement works great.

So, given that OS3.9's scsi.device 43.43 and the unofficial 43.45 both work in the way that I'm asking of them - i.e. just applied over vanilla KS3.1 - why wouldn't 44.2?

I have a few theories:
  • There is a bug in 44.2 that shows up on real hardware, but not in WinUAE
  • 44.2 just doesn't like my CF card whereas all other versions of scsi.device do (?!) - I need to get back home and test a proper hard disk on it
  • I am missing something really, really silly.
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