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both are used, and both work fine up to 62.5MHz.


Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
Jens - I hope these questions aren't becoming tiresome for you. Would you be able to offer any suggestions please for my situation to see if these lock-ups can be remedied without the need for a different card?
Please raise a support ticket with AmigaKit, they'll find out what to do. There's quite a few factors that influence the stability of the overall system, including your mainboard, power supply, grounding of your house, but also the accelerator and it's parts. You have a 2-year warranty on the accelerator, but we also need to make sure that your system actually *lets* the accelerator run stable.

This might take some time, but I can assure you that AmigaKit's technician Chris (aka FOL in this forum) has all the required knowledge and skills to find and fix the fault.


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