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Jens - I hope these questions aren't becoming tiresome for you. Would you be able to offer any suggestions please for my situation to see if these lock-ups can be remedied without the need for a different card?

I've got the 28mhz version for the A1200. I am on KickROM 3.0 and I believe the AmigaKit welcome screen that comes up when my A1200 boots from the new CF hard drive says 3.9 or it might be 39. It seems to be locking up at completely random points - sometimes just in Workbench less than a minute after startup, sometimes later and sometimes whilst in a game or a demo but nearly always at different points. When I loaded the A1200 up without the accelerator it seemed stable - there were no lockups but I couldn't really test games because, as was explained to me previously, the standard 2mb RAM has been eaten up by the file system and buffers for my new CF hard drive setup.

I SOOOOOO want this card to work because it really is a fantastic bit of kit which I want to say thank you for again!
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