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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
what a cheap, and totally unrequired dig.

it's funny how there are so many media companies using Mac hardware because of the *added* productivity that is achieved by using them then, if they are so useless with 'function'.

Because Commodore bankrupt themselves with crappy business decisions like A600 or CD32
Internet phones and touchpads that can't use flash based websites, MP3 players that had terrible MP3 playback quality, keyboards for desktop machines that are worse than the keyboards on my two non-Apple branded laptops here from 2005 lol he was spot on about style over substance.

As for the machine...what is it? Real Amiga motherboard in a new case? or more PC bollox to run WinUAE and never be able to load my original floppy disk games I own on it?
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