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Customize my A1200 PPC Bvision

Hi all !
Yesterday, I installed my PPC 603e@160Mhz with a brand new Bvision.
I have some questions about all this :
- I encountered a problem with gtlayout.library which was absent despite the bvision drivers I used (from cgx website). I solved it by installing a 68k version of this lib, found on the web. Is it a good thing ? I mean, it works, but is it safe and powerfull enough ?
- How to customize my setup in order to have a good looking wb ?
Which icons set ? Which patch ? Which wb replacement. I'd like to have a really cool wb but still have a basic setup, very stable and compatible with older software.
- Which progs to use in order to use the ppc and bvision to its maximum ? (ps : I have 64 mega ram).
- I have idefix and use a cdrom drive on the ideport. How to disable idefix, in a dynamic way, when I don't use the cdrom (not plugged). For the moment, I have errors when booting wb (cdrom not plugged).

Ouaw, lots of questions. Hope this won't hurt you.
Thanks for ur help.
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