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BDS-C sources released

For all 8-bit programmers out there!!!

BDS-C was the first C compiler I know of... for 8 bit machines, of course... It was amazingly fast, a gourgeous piece of software. It was intended to CP/M machines, but soon it was available to other computers like MSX and even the PC.

Directly from MSX Resource Center:

Hans Otten pointed us to the following message on comp.os.cpm:

"I, Leor Zolman, hereby and forever more release all rights to BDS C to anyone and everyone who'd like to make copies, download, use, sell, whatever, both the original retail packages and all source code, including to the compiler itself, wherever they may be able to get a copy"

This BDS-C compiler is a C compiler for cpm that also runs on MSX. If you want to know more, surf to the bdsoft site and click on 'resources'.

Relevant link:
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