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Originally Posted by d0pefish View Post
Steve - I'm finishing the writeup on Amibay as we speak, plenty pictures! Will be a matter of minutes

I currently have CWB Green Amiga Alien Edition - on stock it was bearable, but with the ACA it boots in seconds and blisters through the Workbench desktop! I'm totally in love with this machine at the moment
Do you have 2.x Rom then?

I've been running CWB Full with my Apollo 620 and its pretty slick, just in the process of copying CWB ADV to my CF to see how that performs on the 020, I never took a Vid from the Apollo 630 which is a shame but it was pretty slick in 8 colour but a little slow in 16 colour.

I even ran CWB OS3.9 on that bad boy but to be honest it was a joke speed wise, cool to see it running though on an A600

Lookin' forward to the write up will be hitting refresh a few times over at Amibay

Ahh man you guys, now you make me want one more!!!!

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