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Ok thanks for your help and infos, now i know what i must do

AmigaBoy : now the asm for intel is easy (in flat mode memory) if you use in a Flat memory model OS like win98, but before this OS use this mode, the real mode whas the only memory model that can be used.
A segmented memory that you must specify allways the segment and the offset if your program is more than 64Kb in size or if you must acces at others adress above that segment.
And in dos, there is no others choice, you MUST use this model of segmented memory (or else you can use dos extenders: protected mode driver, but take a lot of memory >250 Kb in size just for an 'hello world'), if you are in the Dos32 mode (flat mode memory) you cannot use the Bios or acces at video Bios anymore, you must write all your peripherals drivers/functions yourself.
This is not what i call an easy assembly language, but a boring one.

With the 68000, there is more registers to use and there is no segmented memory, you can access directly from the adress of 0000 to 4Gb (real 32 bits adress).

Ok, for c language, i know it good (i don't like/ use C++, the code is poorly optimized, is VERY big in size, and the source code is most of the time unreadible ).
But pure c is perfect, i like it too

Twistin' Ghost: yes i am very interest in the roms kernals, that is the only informations that you need for programming the OS of the Amiga and the Apis of it.
I whas stupid to give it away, the roms kernals books that i had buying when i started to learn the assembly 68000 on the Amiga.
If you can give me a copy of it, i will be happy

Akira: Ok, i will keep my pc, and buy an Amiga 1200 with accelerated+ Memory ads.

For surfing on the net, i have understand that i must keep the IE5 on my pc, that is not the ideal software for that, but it is the only plugs-in compatible.
Is there no others than Microsoft in the world, why do we accepts to be the slaves of Microsoft.
This company rules the world of computer with bad software

Ok, Ok, Ok, i keep it.
I will use both computers then, an real Amiga an the pc (but with Linux then !, more stable)

Thanks for your help, what a shame that this wonderfull computer (Amiga) is almost dead.
The very good things must live for eternity
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