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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
Not sure if this is relevant or not but, booting the machine up with just the CF hard drive and no accelerator and my WB screen says I've only got 1,249,104 graphics mem in my A1200. With my old (now sold on) IDE hard drive I'm sure I had something closer to 1,800,000.

I understand the startup-sequences are no doubt different but this seems like a large difference. Is it possible I've damaged something internal with all this poking around?

EDIT!!!! - Just found a bootable Amiga WB floppy and, after disabling all drives apart from DF0 with the hold-down-both-mouse-buttons-at-startup-trick I'm showing 1,739,600 graphics mem. Should I be happier? Is there still summin' wrong?
It's not putting the ROM into chip ram is it?
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