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Nice pictures FOL!

I got my tracking number last night so if FedEx make good headway up the country, hopefully I could be having some new year's ACA fun!

I thought I'd post a hint in addition to your note regarding the LED cable for first-time-A600 disassemblers.

When disassembling your A600, don't do the obvious thing, which is removing the 4 screws, flipping the machine over and then wrenching the top half off by lifting the front edge of the case. You're very likely to snap off one or more of the rear hinges that hold the back half of the case together if you do this.

Focus on carefully un-latching the side clips - one near the floppy, one near the PCMCIA port. Undo the screws, and then unlatch the two clips by gently easing the top cover's sides outwards to unhook them from the clips, one end at a time. If it's difficult, use a plastic tool, like an iPod-opening spudger, or if you must, a screwdriver covered in electrician's tape to prevent damage to the plastic.

When these side clips are released, the top half can be lifted backwards, then upwards - effortlessly away from the delicate hinges.

I've come across too many A600 cases with broken hinges. Hopefully this may help prevent more being damaged

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