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Some A630/25 MHz Hardware pr0n


Be careful of the LED connector, when taking A600 apart.

ACA630/25 MHz

A600 Mobo

ACA630/25 MHz Installed

Note the jumper position. I removed the jumper, as I still have an Internal Floppy.
Jumper in first position, disables DF0: completely.
Jumper in second position, disables DF0: and shifts it to DF1: (i.e. External drive = DF0: ).
Connector (that looks like a Jumper) in third position, is for developement only (DONT USE).

Jumper on its own, will disable the card completely.

Note the plastic stand off, there is only one included.

Note the screw (no stand off), so DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREW.

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