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Thanks to Amigakit for getting my purchases out so quickly - if I'd been home I would have had received these goodies by Xmas!

Unfortunately for me I am having some issues. I got the 28mhz card for my A1200 with the realtime clock kit as well as a CF hard drive thingy. All are in my lovely A1200 but I am experiencing random lockups. I'm trying a few of the suggestions on here and in the instructions received with the accelerator but no joy yet. Gutted coz when it does run the improvement is extremely noticeable and most impressive.

I will try just running things from the new CF hard drive thingy without the card installed to try and see if one item might be more "to blame" than the other but have any other users experienced similar issues? I am quite a novice with the Amiga compared to the vast majority of youz - please excuse my ignorance.

My ROM is 3.0 if that is relevant to this and/or ascertaining motherboard versions.


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