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Still not able to find log or save state but hopefull as it is working

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
When you get back to it, make sure you check the 'Create log file' box and post the created 'winuaelog.txt' then.
No worries about the time, I'm around quite often
Hello I have done this but still no result. The game plays fine but the only way out of it is to end task in task manager. F12 still just pause. Then looking for log text file none has been created. I will try again. Perhaps it is because I am using a wrong keyboard option. I will chose another as well and try that. At least the sun is out finally after weeks of rain.

Later that day
Hello again I would like to report that after another few hours of messing around with settings I have worked out how to do it and now I am playing with my USB joystick F12 works and I am as happy you know what. Thankyou for your help. I did it yyyyeaahhhhhhhhhhh the best christmas present ever since I got my first elf game

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