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Thanks to both. I didn't think to receive any answer, and surely I didn't explain well that I already did it. The thing is I tried snapshot all and I had to have hurry because as soon as I saw I coudn't because the Cd was write prottected I started to search in preferences. I'm tired of snapshot all drawers and I knew I had to take out the cd to make it, but as I had been reading post at work about the Sys4Aga with OS3.9, I went directly to those answers. Some told about that you have to install first Sys4, later BB1 and 2 and then you can install the R13 update. In fact I lost the Sys4 menu after I installed it. Others told that you had to manually change the Birdie preferences (although I coudn't) for the ones of the R13... really I didn't find how.
Later I started to compare startup-sequences, in vain too.

After all that useless search I saw that when booting I could just select Workbench as backdrop and then the menu appeared. The curious is that if I was doing it too late I had the workbench as backdrop, but I didn't get the Sys4 menu. So the thing was clear: I had to set Workbench as backdrop, so I hurried to write this thread, but I edited it just because I found I only had to make that snapshot all and I thought not to delete the thread (it was only some minutes it taked me to find it) because perhaps (surely) it's going to happen to other people.

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