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Hi Laffer.

First - congratulations on finishing the game with 100% Nicely done !

I am not sure if it is my final remake... we will see how much free time there will be in the future. The only remake I don't have finished and that I started is Saboteur Returns... but that one might be left like that.

About Monster Max... I have been playing it on the GB emulator too, came quite far into it, but I must say ... it didn't realy catch me as much as HoH and BatMan did...let me explain : While it has A LOT more rooms than HoH they are all very similar, no really good puzzles in them (which were the best in BatMan, HoH had some good ones, but again, not as good), the game is VERY linear - you have a choice of 3 sections per level (10 levels) and each section has 20-30 rooms to roam around, so it doesnt have that sense of exploration that HoH and BatMan have. The graphics are OK for GameBoy, but they are not that great to be honest. Also the way that you can have 2 abilities at one time might seem good for puzzles in the beginning but you normally get just the abilities you need a room before the puzzle, which makes it much easier than HoH and BatMan. Not sure if it is worth the time one would need to remake it, but will see, never say never
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