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I have a serious problem running it from harddrive on my A1200. There is a script file named "Start", which I believe assigns game in the case of running from HD.

Assign ENEMY_A: ""
ENEMY_A:C/Type ENEMY_A:EF/TXT/astart.txt
ENEMY_A:EF/Anachronia >nil:
ENEMY_A:EF/Enemy2 >nil: demo
I added a project icon to it and try to launch it through IconX

It works until line 3: it displays the "astart.txt" and it also launch "Anachronia", which is the company logo. But thats all, it doesnt continue.

If I skip the line 3

;ENEMY_A:EF/Anachronia >nil:
It simply doesn't work, Workbench freezes.

I managed it to run from virtual floppy (FMS) if I skip the line 3, but then the graphics is truncated, so I tried to disable AGA chipset.

After it, I only tried to make necessary Assign (line 1) and then launch directly the file EF/Enemy2, or launch it unassigned, from FMS. The result is that I get into the game, but with many error messages, which I have to skip by Esc, Return or Backspace and finally I can even get into the game itself, but with corrupted graphics and the main sprite. Did anyone managed to run it from HDD? I don't want to run it from floppy on my real Amiga. There is also the file called INFO, where is written that the game can be run from HDD with appropriate assigns, that are already included.


I adjusted the script as follows:

Assign ENEMY_A: ""
CD ""
C/Type EF/TXT/astart.txt
EF/Anachronia >nil:
EF/Enemy2 >nil: demo
And now it seems to work.

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