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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
cool, glad we're getting closer to a workable setup on your miggy

What music unit are you using with your new AHI setup? you should be using Paula 8 bit stereo (see my earlier screen grab). Can you also try Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2...they seem to run ok for me under WinUae.

What audio rate are you using? You can just turn off the auto audio setting and then choose 8 bit Paula and say 11k and see what that performs like on you system.
Yup, I'm using Paula 8 bit stereo and 11 Khz output rate. I've tried 2 MS-DOS versions of Simon The Sorcerer 1 so far: a spanish floppy version and an english talkie CD-Rip. Both work OK using "No music" in the audio settings tab, even voices and sound effects in the CD version work like a charm, but I never could get any music out of it either in my real miggy or under WinUAE, as anything other than "No music" will get into instant crash. Music is there, as it works OK under my PC-Windows ScumVM setup. In fact, I'm not even sure if it's actually meant to work without any real MIDI hardware. Can you confirm that music should work under Amiga native paula sound? As I mentioned, PC Speaker emulation will do it nicely in some games, but that's as far as I've reached.

And now, getting into totally minor nuisances mode: launcher palette gets corrupted when coming back from games, which isnĀ“t even noticeable most times save when you come back from old EGA stuff

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