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Originally Posted by Vairn View Post
Android hmm, I don't actually have an android device.
Are there specific Android revisions your thinking about targeting?
From the few people who I know have done Android coding, there are a lot of issues about supporting most/all devices, more so then with the iPhone.

There are only 4 files atm that are iPhone specific (Graphics, Sound, GUI, and Input) everything else is done in C, so it wont be a hard port, to other platforms.

I shall look into getting the Android SDK, all I remember about it is that it uses Eclipse.

For now I shall finish the emu core first though, and make a windows "port" for testing/debug. I don't use SDL though, so It wont just be a recompile. Then port it to other platforms hehe.
Android any any popular devices really mate, you tell us what is likely to be ready first, and we can work around you and do a version for that device first.

I mention Android as its the big competitor to Apple and they are less strict about what you can or cannot do.
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