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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
The unpack tool (delivered with the archive) crash my system.
How did you use the unpacker? I just tried it and it works fine if you use the correct parameters, it's a very simple unpacker anyway. Syntax is "Unpack packed_file depacked_file". If you f.e. don't specify the name for the depacked file, the unpacker will crash.

Originally Posted by mailman View Post
I don't think that by the rule a header indicates that something is packed. It might be aswell just a header of a file format (eg. IFF files have FORM in the header).
In this case it is rather obvious that the file is packed if you just look at the header (that you can see in daxb's post). ID followed by 2 longs (which most probably are unpacked length and packed length) are a dead giveaway.
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