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Aaaah s2325 man your post reminded me of the hours I spent playing Epic Pinball back in the days.

The game was a good pinball game, but on top of that, the music was absolutely awesome!! I just found the tracks on youtube, what a good nostalgia dive in the past, oh the memories...

[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

oh my, they didn't age so bad at all.

bad Moraff's Pinball [ Show youtube player ]
Ahahaha Steve Moraff!!! That's also quite a memory! The guy was an indie shareware developer that actually made a few decent games that received some cover. I remember playing a mah-jong and some cardgame of him.

I still remember him mostly for when you did quit his games, he had a closing nag screen with his picture (awesome moustache) and his voice saying "hey I'm Steve Moraff, if you like this game blablabla" in a crunchy north-american accent
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