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I liked this year entrants, well, at least 2 of them, the other one I'm still struggling to run anywhere . I couldn't resolve Grouch puzzle, and I got stuck in Arctic Hunter third screen, but both of them are easy and fun to play with, and as such, I truly think they can be nice and entertaining works if they got their full levels developed. Surely they are not the most outstandingly looking games ever, but there are not graphics glitches and controls do respond nicely. Just like last year, I think X-mas Disaster was the rightful winner for its technical merits, but my favourite one was Cornelius for its pure cheerful playabilty.

Couldn't get Looking For Christmas to work. OS3 version seems to require some very specific RTG card (it asks me for cybergraphics.library) and AROS port refused to work in both my AROS machines (desktop PC and netbook) claiming that the executable was not an executable ^_^'. Hope I find a way to make it work soon, as this "all-amigas" approach looked promising.

And thanks to everyone involved, organizers for organizing and authors for authoring!

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