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Much as the sound of getting some new Amiga games sounds, I have to agree with Npl and think this idea seems rather mad.

I admit to not knowing the first thing about Android etc, but surely to draw an object on the screen at a specific spot is a pretty easy thing to do with a single call in a high level language, vs all the fluffing about with setting up the blitter in ASM. Then the emulated environment has to undo all the blitter work to draw the object. Most likely it'd be more than 10 times slower!

As an example, in DelphiX you can draw an object from a huge picture onto the screen with full clipping, alpha channels, transparency etc with one line of code.

It would surely be 10 to 100 times quicker to develop any new title in a native language with a library for each device more like what Npl has suggested.

Super Sprint was supposed to have been a simple game to write and nothing has been heard of that project, and all the graphics and game design were already done. I just don't see how new games could be written when ASM takes so long and you're considering a new game where you have to design it too!

I'll probably get flamed for this post but knowing that teams of guys took 6-9 months to create games back in the late 80's/90's in ASM, it seems an unusual way to approach things nowadays.
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