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Originally Posted by Npl View Post
Mustve missed the bit where you stated you`d write in asm directly.

My point is that when adding to the emu and maintaining those additional features, then you could begin starting to think of it as a whole framework that could be turned into a (native) multiplatform one. Still a moot point as this aint helping much if your code is asm.

regarding graphics and colours, if you hit the chipset directly then you can run into troubles (setting colours in AGA is ugly enough already). if you dont (and use RTG or something similar) then you probably gonna write two versions/cores, one for running fast on Amiga-Hardware and one for the Emu?
Well, heres my thinking of a cross-plattform framework again - since you aleady have the overhead of doing "hardware-parts" twice.
Somewhere inbetween could be a compromise of only emulating the 68k since all the Chipset magic wont help you there and you get enough performance using libraries.

I dont want to sound overly negative, I wish you best of luck and would like a few new Miggy games. Just that starting something like this, using effectively multiple targets using assembler seems like asking for trouble.
Writing in ASM is irrelevant as the emulator core handles the conversion, its transparent.

The priority is Android first, Amiga second. There has to be some kind of success first on Android to warrant bothering with the Amiga version.

At the moment, Android is the only concern as far as mobile devices go, because they are the least stringent on what you can or cannot do because they obviously want to hit the Apple Appstore by having more apps for Android.

I also think you underestimate the ability of the Amiga to deliver quick and nice looking graphics on mobile devices. Whether its ECS, AGA or RTG is utterly irrelevant, no one of those modes is more difficult to do than the other, at the moment its get something working so that other people can get interested and be a part of it, and then worry about the fluffy stuff later IF it proves to be a success.
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