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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
I've just tested my ACA 56mhz card (while the women are preparing our christmas-meal ). It seems to be working fine after I added the necessary line to my startup-sequence (kickstart 3.0). But after a reset the A1200 doesn't recognize the CF-HD 4gb (ordered with amigakit) anymore. Ik keeps showing me the insert disk-screen. When I power the amiga off and on, then it boots again and everything seems to be working fine. But then after a reset, it doen't boot anymore. Maybe this has been mentioned before, if so, then I apologize.

I would like to know my motherboard-version, but I don't want to screw the the whole thing open right now.
It has, Oliver posted earlier in this thread regarding a way around the issue.
Something to do with the amiga being speeded up so much that it misses the HDD ready.
Cant find post at the moment.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I wish the Amigakit guys a christmas most intoxicating

and a quick recovery
Man my head hurts, . Think Ill be going to bed in a mo, lol.
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