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Originally Posted by Npl View Post
Just curious, what language are you planning to write those games?
if its asm then I understand your way of running it on an Emulator, though Im not too sure it will fly (at least on the Phone-side) with the hefty restriction of an Amiga compatibility. The Phone games are cheap, but pretty much any game has some features that would put it above Amiga-level, be it higher resolution, scaling/rotating or stuff onscreen. And once you need to add and maintain hacks into the emulator for accessing native feature this could get a time-intense labor quickly

if its C then a better approach would be just to convert your stuff to java once you`re done. big parts could be made reusable on both sides (anything except game-logic) for further games, the rest shouldn't be too big and easy to port. (The C-code would allow you to glue into the C-libraries from Appstore and PSN aswell)

...and this someone is desperately waiting for new Amiga games to crack?
As stated its going to be 68000 ASM using a Virtual Machine Emulator Core to run the Amiga code transparently.

Adding lots of flashy extras to compete with some of the bigger titles really isn't a problem.

For instance, transparent MP3 playback can be done with modifications to the emu core when certain "extra" custom registers are set on the Amiga side to tell the core to play an MP3, and other graphics modes with more colours are also easily done.
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