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Right, today isn't the time to be making any kind of game decisions, but its time to start getting things off the ground, so that any interested parties can join and be a part of producing a game.

I propose a simple style game at first, simple to code, simple to realise and quick to get to the market. Whilst I have no issues doing a Dungeon Master/Captive style game for Android, and I actually think they are a very good idea and would suit the platform well, I think its important to first get something quick off the ground, which then gives people the hope that a much bigger project won't likely stall and their efforts wasted.

So, ideas very much sought for our first project, and some names of people wanting to contribute.

So far we have: Me, Zetro, Vairn and Akira showing interest.

I have no issues with anyone wanting to be involved, I think anyone under the illusions our first game will be some kind of mega hit producing millions in revenue.... best leave your aspirations at the door as far as that goes for the moment

I was thinking along the lines of a very polished simple puzzle game, maybe along the lines of Deflektor by Gremlin (this is just a suggestion to get the ball rolling).

For the first game, I would suggest sticking with ECS requirements to help speed development, and then we can talk with Vairn about implementing some nice Virtual Amiga extras like being able to play proper 16bit sound within the Android environment.

So, if you have any ideas, NOW is the time to start getting them in. If you want to be involved, NOW is the time to get involved.

This isn't vapourware, this is going to happen one way or the other.

Maybe not quite Digital Illusions for a new generation, but theres no reason why it can't get to those lofty heights

If we could also have someone who can dig up what sort of average size games are on Android, what sort of setup they have, what memory requirements they have, basically as much information as possible, because if there are any parts of the emulator core that not quite upto speed (say for instance boot up times, depack times), then we need to tailor the game so it acts like other games or better.

Also are games single files on Android or are they multi file? This is all information we need chaps, so anything you can tell us is useful.
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