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Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
Try Twinkick from Aminet.
You need a Kickfile or Kickdisk with Kick1.3 and a Kickfile with Kick3.1 (all of them unmodified, means original).
Twinkick-Generator / TKG.EXE (from Aminet-Archiv) read and patch them.
At the end you hold a Twinkick-Disk in your hand.

Twinkick is a "normal" Kickstart-Disk for the A1000, turn on the machine and boot from this Disk.
Leave the Disk inside and it countine to boot into Kick3.1, a short manual will be displayed during the second bootstep.

Twinkick supports autoconfig AND NONAUTOCONFIG memory at $200000 ;-) even under OS3.1.
Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately, I am unable to use Twinkick. I tried it and actually had success in making the disk, but my memory is not at $200000 like Twinkick wants. It's an internal expansion (DKB Insider II), not a side expansion, which puts it at $C00000 when auto-config is enabled and I think $800000 when auto-config is not enabled. Weird, huh? Plus, the expansion is only 1.5MB, not 2MB, which is another requirement of Twinkick.
The reason I am using ykick is because I am able to tell it that my memory is at $C00000 instead of $200000.

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