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@Zetro, Doom clones for dungeon crawlers aren't as good as the old Square by square ones. imho. 3d bah.
I have a RTG emulation implementation started, needs more testing though.

I am trying to do something a little more then the other emu. Unfortunately it isn't as optimised. but to support all Iphones, I can't use assembly cause all iphones before the 3gs are arm6, vs arm7. so I would need to optimise both.
ATM if your on a 3gs/3g/2g or earlier Iphone touch, it uses a different CPU core, while the iphone 4, ipod touch 4, and ipad get a more compatible but slower (atm) CPU which can do 020+, and AGA. (WIP)

With time I could get people direct access to openGL on the phone too. or atleast a memory location where they just write the pixels directly etc, an "accelerometer.device", these are all insane Idea's that float around my mind. hehe.

@Galahad, True, I can implement whatever I want into where the rom is, so certain memory addresses can return a response, where a real amiga wont do anything. Keyfile is the rom etc.

There are other non real amiga things we should be able to do too.
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